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Meet Our Staff

303.733.3777 ext.119
Administrative Assistant 
303.733.3777 ext.119
Director of Curriculum & Instruction
303.733.3777 ext.129
Grade 5 Teacher / K-5 Advisor
Middle School Advisor 
Director of Youth Ministries / Middle School Advisor 
Spanish Teacher
5-8 STEAM Teacher / 5-8 Art Teacher
K-4 Team Teacher
Athletics Director / K-8 P.E. Teacher
Grade 7 Homeroom / Middle School Teacher
K-5 Art Teacher
K-4 STEAM Teacher
Grade 3 Teacher
Grade 6 Homeroom / Middle School Science
Office Assistant 
Grade 1 Teacher
Grade 1 Teacher
Kindergarten Teacher
Kindergarten Aide
Second Grade Teacher
Music Teacher
Facilities Manager
Team Teacher

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Meet Our Staff

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