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Elementary School


Academic Excellence 

St. John's students receive high standards of academic achievement. With small classes and opportunities for small group instruction, St. John's students can excel. Our students participate in the MAP Growth test, which helps us improve learning by being able to individualize instruction and identify the specific needs of each student to ensure their success.  

Christian Values

Each subject is taught on a foundation of Christian values. Our elementary school interweaves biblical teaching within our curriculum to ensure that spirituality and faith are being cultivated intentionally, every day. 

Whole-Hearted Learning

Unique to St. John's School, we integrate the Whole-Hearted Learning program in every classroom. WHL is a curriculum that addresses the social-emotional needs and character development of our students.

The program emphasizes five main points of interest;

Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills, and Responsible Decision Making. 

Strong Community

Children learn best when they feel safe and loved. That's why at St. John's School, we look for staff who are not only excellent educators but will support and nurture our students and families.

Each child is known, celebrated, and loved. 

Affordable Private Education 

St. John's School offers academic excellence, Christian values, whole-hearted learning, and a strong community, all at an affordable price. For our tuition rates, please click below. 

Tuition Rates

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