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Middle School


At St. John's School, our teachers act as mentors and role models for each student's journey. We prepare them for the expectations of high school and beyond by working to improve their critical thinking, executive functioning skills, and prepare them to be successful in their next steps. 


Academic Excellence 

St. John's Middle School offers a high level of academic rigor in all subjects. Teachers work with students to cultivate critical thinking and executive functioning skills. At St. John's we believe in supporting each child to excel in their studies. St. John's School tracks our student's progress with MAP Growth Testing.

Leading Edge Technology 

All classrooms are equipped with the latest technology including smart boards, iPads, Chromebooks for every student, and other tools that support learning. 

Christian Values

Each subject is taught on a foundation of Christian values. Our middle school interweaves biblical teaching within our curriculum to ensure that spirituality and faith are being cultivated intentionally, every day. We worship together as a school on Wednesday morning at Chapel and attend the Lutheran Valley Retreat for team building and faith formation. 


St. John's has a thriving STEAM program. Our two STEAM labs contain 3D Printers available for student use and exploration. Our STEAM program covers robotics, nano-technology, ballistics, and more. To find out more about our STEAM program, click here. 


St. John's Middle School offers an array of electives so students have the opportunity to explore their God-given talents and passions. Some elective offerings include:

  • World Music
  • Choir 
  • Handbells 
  • Drama 
  • Foundations of Painting 
  • Sketching and Drawing 
  • Comic Design 
  • Spanish 
  • Service Learning 

Whole-Hearted Learning

Unique to St. John's School, we integrate the Whole-Hearted Learning program in every classroom. WHL is a curriculum that addresses the social-emotional needs and character development of our students.

The program emphasizes five main points of interest;

Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills, and Responsible Decision Making. 

Building Character & Faith 

St. John's school makes sure our middle school students have experiences beyond the four walls of our building. Middle school students all attend the Lutheran Valley Retreat together to build relationships and grow in their faith with one another. This is led by staff and teachers. 

Affordable Private Education 

St. John's School offers academic excellence, Christian values, whole-hearted learning, and a strong community, all at an affordable price. For our tuition rates, please click below. 

Tuition Rates

St. John's Middle school program has prepared all of my children to succeed. Students here are challenged to be the best versions of themselves. This community has made my children confident and ready to take on the next steps in their journey. 



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