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Parenting Resources

Mom sitting on couch with 5 preschoolers

Parenting can be hard and confusing as well as joyful and very rewarding! Below are short articles to help you navigate the ups and downs. We will publish new articles regularly. Please click on the title of the post to read the whole article!



Toddler laughing with his mother

As parents and caregivers, we can make choices to ensure time spent with our children is high-quality. Here are nine tips for busy families...

Toddler Girl outside

Consistency is super important. Try dropping your kids off around the same time and picking them up around the same time each day. When kids have an idea of what's coming next, it's easier for them to adapt...

child crying and whining

As parents of young children, you know all too well that whining comes with the territory. Most parents feel it is one of the biggest challenges of raising children at this age...

Child doing a puzzle

What are Gross Motor Skills and how do they impact your child's development? Click the picture or title to the left to read more about the importance of these skills and the best ways to make sure your child is getting the practice they need.

Toddlers by Christmas tree

The holiday season is upon us and if you are a parent, you know that the holidays can bring both joys and challenges. For young children, the holidays are exciting, but also a bit overwhelming. With all the new experiences, new people and unexpected events, their behavior sometimes is a bit unexpected too...

Discipline: Logical Consequences That Work (Part 2)

While the concept of using logical consequences as a form of positive discipline with your kids may sound simple in theory, coming up with creative consequences in the heat of the moment can be tough...

Discipline: Logical Consequences That Work (Part 1)

Whether you subscribe to blogs about motherhood, purchase parenting magazines and books on the regular, or engage in conversations with other moms and dads at school drop-off and pick-up, you’ve probably heard buzzwords like 'positive discipline,' 'positive parenting,' and 'natural and logical consequences' floating around more and more lately...

Toddler girl playing with toys

“Stop it!” “Don’t do that!” As a parent you might find yourself using these word and phrases more often when your child begins to make their own choices. What if, rather than telling your child what they can’t do, you tell them what they can do?...

Child biting his fingers

Is your child struggling with biting? Do you feel unsure on what to do or how to handle this very common behavior? Don’t worry, you are not alone and many parents have felt the same way or have been in the same situation... 

Separation Anxiety and School

Whether your little one is just starting school, making the transition to a new classroom or transitioning to a full day, back to school can cause significant stress for the entire family. The good news is that you are not alone. Back to school anxiety isn’t a new phenomenon and thanks your teachers and the internet there are all kinds of strategies to help parents with crying at drop-off...

Helping Kids Cope

After disturbing incidents like shootings, terrorist attacks, riots and natural disasters, feelings of panic and fear increase. As adults grapple with how to move forward in the aftermath these events, it's important to help kids and teens process them, too...

How to Calm Your Nerves with Food

By practicing mindful eating, you can calm the minds and bodies of your children. Improve your household’s mental and physical wellbeing by making healthy food choices. We’re here to help you figure out which foods to serve and which to avoid...

Calming Strategies for Kids

There are lots of activities that can help our kids when they are feeling upset, anxious, or overexcited. Most of the activities you will read below are also used as calming strategies for adults...

Calming Strategies for Kids Part 2

Here are some more great examples and simple ways to help your child feel calmer. Sensory strategies: 1. Relaxing motion of a lava a lamp 2. Warm water play 3. Playdough or Flubber 4. Swinging on a swing or hammock...

Calming Strategies for Kids Part 3

Other Calming Ideas for Kids: 1. Help them express their feelings. Being able to express our emotions also helps us soothe and relax. 2. Teach your kids problem-solving skills. You can use the “Stop / Think / Do” technique: Stop when you are very angry / Think about what alternatives you have to solve the problem / Implement the chosen one 3. Create routines...

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